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Creative Consultations

Terry Wolverton, Creative Consultant

Photo by Angela Brinskele

Many writers love workshops; others find they don’t like participating in groups, or their schedules don’t permit a commitment to a weekly workshop. Writers At Work offers creative consultations to assist writers on a one-on-one basis. Some clients have used this as an opportunity for private tutoring; others have used these sessions to strategize ways to overcome creative blocks. A number of writers have requested sessions to help brainstorm the development of a particular project, and several have utilized their sessions to get feedback on work they’ve already produced. Creative Consultations can be tailored to fit one’s individual needs, and can be scheduled regularly (weekly, bi-monthly, monthly) or on an occasional or one-time basis. They can be conducted in-person or on-line. Primarily these sessions are conducted by Writers At Work founder Terry Wolverton, but when necessary, another qualified writer/consultant may be enlisted. Fees for these consultations are $100 per hour.

Call 323-661-5954 or email for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Terry Wolverton was instrumental in helping to make both my poetry collections, Air Kissing on Mars and Slice of Moon, the best books they could possibly be. She helped edit the poems, guided me on which to include (and which to delete!), and her strong, intuitive, and perfect sense of ordering the poems gave each collection a vibrant, imaginative and intelligent story line I never would have come up with. She is the poem whisperer.
— Kim Dower
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