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Terry Wolverton has been teaching creative writing in academic and community settings since 1977. Her philosophy is rooted in collaboration and cooperation instead of competition, and her workshops foster an environment of mutual support and learning. She has been committed to nurturing diverse voices and the cultivation of stories too often silenced in mainstream culture. She has taught at the Woman’s Building, Connexxus Women’s Center, the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, UCLA Extension, Agape and Cal Arts. Since 2007, she has served as Affiliate Faculty in the MFA Writing Program at Antioch University Los Angeles.

Terry is not only a writing instructor, she is a working writer, author of eleven books of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry, creative nonfiction and poetry. She has created theatre, performance art, and has written the libretto of an opera. She has collaborated with visual, performance and media artists. She has been awarded residencies from the California Arts Council and the City of LA Department of Cultural Affairs, as well as California Arts Council Fellowship in Poetry, and a City of Los Angeles (COLA) Fellowship in Literature.

She has edited fourteen literary compilations, including (with Robert Drake) three volumes each of His: brilliant new fiction by gay men and Hers: brilliant new fiction by lesbians. She has published with mainstream houses, large and small independent presses and has experimented with self-publishing and internet publishing. She is conversant in many aspects of the publishing industry and assists students in navigating the process of reaching an audience.

Since 2001, Terry has taught Kundalini Yoga and meditation, and she finds the insights gained from these practices are frequently beneficial to writers to increase their focus and deepen their creativity.

To prospective students, Terry says: "I am committed to the development of your work and your practice as a creative being."

Terry Wolverton brings insight, skill, technique, talent, humor, experience, wisdom, compassion and empathy to her writing consultations both one on one and in group settings. Her measured, astute observances of each writer’s strengths make her the ideal candidate to help inspire us to transform our weaknesses. Or, as she would put it in her infinite wisdom, “there is no bad writing, just work that hasn’t fulfilled its potential yet.” Terry can help you get there!
— Julia Poll
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