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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Writers At Work different than other community writing programs in Los Angeles?

Rather than an eight- or ten-week class, our workshops are ongoing. You can develop your craft and concentrate on a particular work for as long as you need. And you acquire a network of people who are supportive of your progress and success.


While we want to help you to improve your writing product, we’re just as interested in every aspect of your writing life—helping you to identify and refine your writing process, overcome your challenges, and cultivate an audience for your work. We make an investment in you as a writer.


Our instructor has taught for over 35 years in both academic and community settings and worked with diverse populations, from the Woman’s Building to UCLA Extension, from Cal Arts to Agape, from the Gay and Lesbian Center to Antioch University’s MFA Writing Program.


At Writers At Work, you’ll find participants from diverse backgrounds and with a range of writing styles and sensibilities. We celebrate this diversity; we’re not trying to make you sound like someone else, but to become the best version of you possible.


Our quality is topnotch, and our fees are lower than you will find elsewhere.

At each workshop you can expect:

• An opportunity to check in about your writing process and to discuss any challenge or triumphs you’ve experienced;

• Small classes (maximum 12 participants)

• Rigorous and respectful feedback designed to help you to achieve your goals;

• Encouragement to set goals and support to be accountable to them;

• Support for risktaking and experimentation;

• A commitment to your excellence; and

• Snacks and tea.

How do I know if Writers At Work classes are for me?

• Read the workshop descriptions and see what resonates for you.

• Email us and discuss your particular interests and concerns.

• Send a sample of your writing and let us help you determine whether WAW will be of benefit to you.

• After we’ve received your writing sample we’ll invite you to sit in on a sample session so you can see how you like the people and the process.

How do I apply?

• Kundalini Yoga, Time-Limited and Special Workshops require no application. We do appreciate your pre-registration in Time-Limited and Special Workshops.

• For Ongoing Workshops, fill out the online application and include a 3-5 page work sample. Once we’ve reviewed your application, we’ll contact you to arrange a time for you to sit in on a sample session.

• After your sample session, if you decide to join the workshop, you’ll be asked to sign a Letter of Agreement that covers all the terms of participation.

What are the terms of participation in on-going workshops?

• Tuition is paid monthly at the first session of the month. If you are absent at the first session of the month, you agree to pay tuition within 3 business days either by mailing a check or through Paypal.

• You agree to pay this monthly fee for as long as you are a member of the workshop. Absences on your part do not constitute grounds for nonpayment or discounting of this monthly fee.

• Participation means attending regularly, actively engaging in the exercises and processes of the workshop, respecting other workshop members and their work, and keeping my financial commitment to Writers At Work.

• You will be considered a member of the workshop unless or until you provide thirty (30) days written of your intention to withdraw. The monthly fee for the final thirty (30) days will still be due and payable.

Where is Writers At Work located?

4022 Fountain Avenue, Suite 202
Los Angeles, CA 90029


When you arrive at the address, you’ll see a hair salon at street level. Find parking (metered on Fountain, unmetered on the side streets) and walk through the driveway gate immediately to the right of the salon, then walk up the stairs. The gate may appear to be locked but just push on it and you'll get in. Please close it behind you as well.

May I talk to someone about further questions?

Email us at Include your phone number and the best time to reach you.

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